Monday, May 23, 2011


This week's visual record of gratitude begins with #270, my children's first garage sale where they gave up their favorite toys for cash. Then came the long conversation about needs, wants, and the value of charitable giving.
#271 While the kids bickered and bartered, I stole moments to both plant and photograph the garden.

#272 Long lost peony.
I thought this white peony had died during the winter, until this morning when I saw one perfect bloom.

#273 Orchids.
Can't grow them or keep them alive, but they remind me of what is possible.

#274 Urns, waiting.

#275 Urn, overflowing. 

#276 A few Sunday afternoon hours spent alone in the garden.

#277 Mother's Day flowers, still blooming.
#278 Antique roses, fading

#279 White Guinevere roses.
These roses, along with gardenias, made up my wedding bouquet.

#280 Fresh basil, fresh pesto.

#281 A view from above.
This weekend, my husband finished the refurbishment of our fish pond.
#282 A view from below.
Beneath the pergola, cool shade during a hot afternoon. 

#283 Boys, their ball, and a birthday party.
{along with an ancient golden retriever, unseen but still actively involved in the game.}

#284 Flowers.

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