Friday, August 12, 2011


Summer is a season of blinks. If you're not paying attention, the time disappears in the whip of a butterfly wing, the buzz of a bee, and the blink of sun-glared eye. So this is my almost-end-of-the-season desperate attempt to capture how we spent our time this summer, besides trying to stay cool of course.

First on the list? Time spent eating ice cream and playing games with cousins.

Next up was time spent fishing off a dock. A good thing we're not counting on the children to catch our dinner. (or else we'd be making midnight runs to Chick-Fil-A!)

Then there was time spent on a swing, moving as hard and fast as possible. Did you know a swing could be a weapon? The ER nurse told me that. 


Yet sometimes time spent alone with a book was the most comforting. Especially if someone (mom) provided lemonade and cookies at regular intervals.
But few things compare to time spent catching butterflies!

And yes, even I can handle time spent with the occasional bug--if it photographs well.

Although I think time spent at the beach on a foggy morning was one of my favorite adventures. The peace, the sound of the ocean, and even the sand in car. Of all the things we do in the summer, the ocean is the thing I miss most during the harsh, winter months.

But I have a secret. No matter how I lament the passing of summer, I'm drawn to fall, a tiny part of me listening for the sound of the marching band practicing at the nearby high school, waiting for the cool air coming in from the west. So yes, I'm cherishing these last days of summer, but don't be surprised if my camera betrays me.

What is a "Study in . . ."? 
A visual record defined by a single element, such as color, texture, or type. Previous journal entries for Study in Summer include Hide and SeekSudley Manor, Red, White, and Blue, and Family Reunion.

 I hope your last few weeks of summer are filled with laughter and ice cream!


  1. I love you're pictures they have so much detail and color
    lamb girl

  2. I agree, Ellen! Your mom takes beautiful pictures. And I noticed her words have so much detail and color, too!!


  3. I love your photos! I enjoy summer but it is so hot. I also feel Fall is my favorite time of year. I have more energy and I'm more creative. Enjoy these last days of summer.