Friday, August 5, 2011


A few weeks ago, during the Fourth of July weekend, we headed for our neighborhood pool to find relief from the triple-digit heat. But during the "kid break", my children spoke the dreaded "B" word (bored)! 

So I handed them my camera with an assignment: take pictures of things grouped together in red, white, and blue--with three rules. 1. No pictures of flags lining the pool deck. 2. No moving items closer/apart. 3. Don't annoy other people. They ran off, my camera hanging from my daughter's thin wrist, and came back an hour later with these pictures. Although there are flags, I enjoyed what they found. I hope you do too.

What is a "Study in . . ."? A visual record defined by a single element such as color, texture, or type. Previous journal entries for Study in Summer include Hide and Seek and Sudley Manor.
I hope your weekend is filled with friends, fun, and ice-cold lemonade!

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