Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In a few days, the children go back to school and life goes back to normal. While I always look forward to Autumn's colors and holidays, I know in a few weeks I'll find myself missing the quiet simplicity of Summer's white. 

This loss is a tradition I've never understood. If white is the absence of color, why does it evoke so much emotion, bring back such vivid memories? Could it be the stark contrast? 

The scent of climbing roses?

The velvet touch of a flower's petal?

Or the sound of waves on sand?

And yet I know white isn't just a memory of senses. So then why do I miss something defined by nothing? Maybe because, for me, white is weddings,
flowers in my mother-in-law's Charleston garden,
and sweet iced tea with my sisters on a veranda.

Then again, others may have a different view of white. For those who see the world through glasses, white has a hue. Pink, maybe?

Or yellow?
For those who just met, white is questions.  He loves me? He loves me not?
For those in love, white is promises carried in a bridal bouquet.
For those on a journey, no matter how far, white is a watchful friend. 
For those who serve, white is Duty,



But white isn't always so noble or grand. For those who've lived through a storm's devastation, white is humbling. 

For those who grieve, white is fading.
For those who are lost, white is blurry.

For those seeking forgiveness, white is redemption.

And for those who are gone, white is remembrance. 

If this lack of color, hidden within the sun's rays, dries our tears, lifts us above ourselves, brings us peace, then white is nothing short of mercy. 
And since mercy is the only thing in this world that's free, its loss leaves a yearning in my heart vibrant reds and shimmering golds can't replace. Because when all is white, 
All is hope,
All is love, 
All is Grace.

May you find happiness and peace in summer's last embrace.

What is a "Study in . . ."? 
A visual record defined by a single element, such as color, texture, or type. Previous journal entries for Study in Summer include Hide and SeekSudley ManorRed, White, and Blue, and Family Reunion, Time Spent with Butterflies, and Walney Pond


  1. Sharon, once again, you have produced something that takes my breath away. That was simply stunning. I loved both your words and your photos...this is a treasure of a post. I think it might be my favorite, although all of them feel like my favorites.

    Love, Kieran XO

  2. Thanks, Kieran. I think this is one of my favorites as well. Although, I still love Study in Orange and Family Reunion because they have some of my favorite photos.

  3. Beautiful blog. I thought I commented earlier but I probably hit preview and went on my merry way. I love white flowers, and once read about a garden planted all in white on purpose to be showy at night. For awhile I was able to grow moon flowers that were beautiful at night, but haven't had the touch recently. I enjoy your "study in" blogs as they feel like a meditation.

  4. Hi Gayle! I also love all-white gardens. I once saw a garden in a magazine that not only bloomed at night, but was heavily fragranced as well. I've always wanted to do that, but have yet to find the time and money. Thanks for stopping by and for the RT. I'm glad you like the studies--for me working on them is a meditation.