Friday, May 27, 2011


 After a week of difficult revisions on my latest manuscript, I found myself blocked, unable to find my way to end. The harder I worked, the less I typed. Finally, my CP and dear friend Christine convinced me to leave my kitchen table, grab my kids, and do something fun before the next round of thunderstorms struck. That's when I realized I'd yet to take a trip to Williams Nursery in Sterling, Virginia.

Williams, a private nursery on a large horse farm, is an oasis outside of Washington, D.C. Although surrounded by highways, office buildings, and housing developments, Williams has become an annual event. A place for the kids to chase ducks and skip stones.

For a brief time today, no one was worried about deadlines, tests, or projects. While I shopped with my camera, my kids ran free. 
For the first time in weeks we had no one to see, no reason to rush. 
Just time to be.

Time to contemplate. (The upcoming last day of school maybe?)

Time to throw rocks.

  Time to follow ducks.

Time to skip stones.

Time with the flowers. 
(Williams specializes in perennials native to Virginia in the summer, lilies in the spring, mums in the fall, and poinsettias for winter.)


Although I was tempted by the hanging geraniums, 

I left with what I came for--water lettuce for my fish pond. 
(Thanks to my husband for refurbishing the pond and saving my fish!)

The other thing about Williams? It's cash only. A good thing since my eyes are definitely bigger than my garden budget and my ability to get everything planted before the first frost. 

Thanks, Christine. A trip to Williams was exactly what we needed. I just wish you could've come with us!



  1. Your afternoon at the nursery looks idyllic. The flowers are absolutely breathtaking and stunning. And I can't believe how grown up the children are now!! Wasn't just yesterday that my darling teen babysat them?

    I'm so glad you took a breath and enjoyed your afternoon. I know your well is full now. And you'll finish your manuscript with flourish and confidence!


  2. I love seeing the pictures of the kids playing! I can't wait to get home to y'all tonight and enjoy the rest of the Memorial Day weekend with you. :-)